12 Jan 2021

Online Lunch Meetup 8


Gustaf Kaijser

Sales Manager EMEA – Styra

Anders Eknert

Developer Advocate – Styra

Join our first meetup of the new year together with Styra to learn more about OPA (Open Policy Agent) and the possible impact on your API security.

The Open Policy Agent (OPA, pronounced “oh-pa”) is an open source, general-purpose policy engine that unifies policy enforcement across the stack. OPA provides a high-level declarative language that lets you specify policy as code and simple APIs to offload policy decision-making from your software. You can use OPA to enforce policies in microservices, Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelines, API gateways, and more.

Our first speaker Gustaf will walk through the most common use cases of the Open Policy Agent, such as k8s admission control, API Authz and others.
Anders, our second speaker, will present how to work with Authentication and Authorization in a cloud native, API driven development environment. Looking at technologies such as OAuth2, OIDC and OPA.


▶ 11h55: Opening Webinar Room
▶ 12h00: Start

▶ Open Policy Agent (OPA): an introduction, background and use cases
by Gustaf Kaijser
Sales Manager EMEA – Styra

▶ The evolution of access control – Identity and authorization in distributed systems
by Anders Eknert
Developer Advocate – Styra
+ Q&A

▶ 13h00: Closing

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